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set apart heart by hadarah batyah

Hadarah BatYah Launches New YouTube Channel “Set Apart Heart”

By Sister June, STAFF WRITER
Published on February 3, 2024 - Modified on June 29, 2024

A New Haven for Peaceful Scripture Meditation and Inspiration

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CENTRAL VALLEY, Cal (February 1, 2024) — In a serene corner of the digital world, Hadarah BatYah, a beloved artist within the Set Apart community, has launched her second YouTube channel, “Set Apart Heart.” This new channel complements her original YouTube presence, the channel called “Hadarah BatYah,” which has been inspiring audiences for a decade with set-apart music and testimonies.

Channel Vision & Content

“Set Apart Heart” features calming, soothing scripture meditation videos designed to help viewers find true shalom of mind through the Word of Yahuah. Hadarah BatYah describes her vision for the channel in her welcoming message:

“Welcome! You’ll find calm, soothing scripture meditation videos here, with a splash of inspiration from my garden. My prayer is that sharing these moments will help you rest and relax, so you can find true peace of mind through The Word of Yahuah. The clips in the videos I upload here are all real moments from my life, nature walks, trips, and our family gardens. The timelapses are filmed right outside my window. Praise Yah for His beautiful creation!”

The content on “Set Apart Heart” is unique, blending spoken scriptures with beautiful visuals from Hadarah’s daily life. These include nature walks, trips, and serene moments from her home garden, providing a peaceful backdrop to the meditative scripture readings. As of June 2024, the channel boasts 53 videos, with the most popular being “Taste and See that Yahuah is Good,” a scripture meditation that has resonated deeply with viewers.

Personal Connection

In a blog post introducing her new channel, Hadarah BatYah shares the inspiration behind her latest endeavor. She reflects on the winter months and how they often bring a sense of longing for the sunshine, even in California. She   writes:

“No matter what the weather, or circumstance in your life, Yahuah is, and always will be in control. He’s maker of the heavens and earth! Exciting news. I’ve started a brand new YouTube channel for Set Apart Heart. The original channel with the past 10 years of videos will still stay online as it is. I do plan to continue making music on the original channel in due time. Yah has just been tugging at my heart strings, telling me I need to spend more time just meditating on His word.”

Viewer Engagement

Hadarah encourages her viewers to engage with her content, leaving comments and sharing their thoughts and suggestions for future videos. Her video, “Don’t Worry,” features encouragement from Matthew Chapter 6 and clips of birds in her garden, setting the tone for the tranquil and uplifting content that defines the new channel.

A Community of  Shalom

“Set Apart Heart” aims to be a sanctuary for those seeking peace and spiritual nourishment. Hadarah BatYah invites viewers to join her on this journey, offering a blend of music, scripture, and inspiration that can soothe the soul and deepen one’s connection to Yah. The overall mission of Set Apart Heart is to provide set-apart music and motivation that will lead others back to The Word of Yah. With lyrics heavily based on scripture along with acoustic sounds, the listener is blessed by refreshing music experiences that help to nurture them and keep you focused on their spiritual journey.

For more information and to explore the calming content of “Set Apart Heart,” visit Hadarah’s website at To experience her set apart music and testimonies, visit her original YouTube channel at

Embracing Tranquility and Growth

Hadarah BatYah’s new YouTube channel, “Set Apart Heart,” is a testament to her dedication to spiritual growth and helping others find peace through the Word of Yahuah. As the community embraces this new resource, there is a collective hope for continued inspiration and tranquility in the hearts of all who partake.

Join the serene journey today and discover the tranquility of scripture meditation on “Set Apart Heart.”

This article was written by Sister June, dedicated to bringing the latest news and stories to the Set Apart Community. Published on February 3, 2024 - Modified on June 29, 2024.

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Sister June

Sister June

June, the Founder of Yahudah Living and All Praises Radio, is passionate about connecting people within the Set Apart Walk to valuable resources and each other. With a love for Yah, writing, and a background as the editor of her college newspaper, she now reports on news for Yashrael! When she's not editing videos or content for the radio or YouTube, you can find her enjoying family time, baking, canning, gardening, running her web agency and volunteering as the Administrator for her assembly.

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