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About: We're just nobody, trying to tell everybody about somebody who rescued us from sin & death! We also desire to be a one-stop spot for Websites, Events, Shops, Articles (via our E-zine) pertinent to the people of Yashrael. Welcome to Yahudha Living! Contact us.

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Yahudah Living is the Go-To place for all your Yahudy needs. From Housewares to Hair Care, Self-help Tips to Scripture Study Tools, and everything in between, Yahudah Living has it all. Seek, and you shall find!

Sister Katriel Nace

Katriel BatYah
DOZ Assisting

Shalom Yahudah Living! I love your website. Resources are plentiful and this site covers a full range of subject matter. It's well organized as it speaks to the Yahudah nation!! May it be baruk greatly as you continue to grow. P.S. I see a few of my hit'yaded on the site! HalleluYah!!

Sister Diane - Yahudah Living

Sister Diane
Compassionate Soul Care Ministry


Deuteronomy 6:4-7, known as "The Shema" which means to "Listen" (something we all need to improve upon, listening to the Most High), tells us to post reminders of our faith everywhere & teach our children accordingly, lest we forget! We are to be a city on a Hill, a light, and the salt of the earth. We have created products & allow others to also sell products on our platform that help us remember the Word in the world around us.

Welcome to Yahudah Living

Shalom! Thanks for stopping by Yahudah Living. We hope it won't be your last visit. You may want to consider joining our mailing list!  Just enter your email address at the very bottom of any page you are on.

This website and platform have been a vision and "burden" on a few people's hearts for quite some time. Finally, it is a reality. We hope it serves the Body of Yahusha well! Whether you want to sell products, listen to music, watch videos, discover new websites (or suggest ones for us to add that we don't know about), read articles in the E-zine (or contribute/author articles for us to add), there is a little bit of something for everyone right here at Yahudah Living. We hope to provide some practical and resource information for your everyday living.

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions we receive, plus we added some questions we believe some persons might be wondering about or interested to know. Much shalom.

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We'd love as many people to know about Yahudah Living as possible. So we made this comfortable hoodie for your next feast event that can help you spread your faith and direct fellow believers to this website at the same time! It's a great conversation starter and will keep you nice & warm.


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