Prayer Requests

Sister Diane

Jacksonville, IL

Please pray that we ALL be blessed by Yah with Grace, Wisdom, Mercy, Kindness, Peace, Comfort, Strength, Healing, Amunah, Patience, and that we Know that we Know we belong to... Read more

Prayed for: 2 times

Brother Ben

Mount Pleasant, PA

Praying for a bounty for the assembly , whether that’s financial bounty or the bounty that comes from Yahs Joy or those of us growing produce or raising livestock, let... Read more

Prayed for: 2 times

Brother Charles

Chicago, IL

Prayer fa Amunah,Order,Healing,Direction, Vision, Understanding and ta Know Yahuah an see tha assurity of tha results without doubting Physically,Ruachlly, Mentally an Emotionally fa ourselves an our households.

Prayed for: 2 times

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