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Finding Yahuah 2

BritYah’s “Finding Yahuah Two: Narrow Path” – A Spiritual Journey Through Music

By Sister June, STAFF WRITER
Published on March 23, 2023 - Modified on June 30, 2024

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A Diverse and Soulful Worship Experience

March 23, 2023 (Lancaster, PA)—Set-Apart recording artist BritYah has released her next album, “Finding Yahuah Two: Narrow Path.” This sequel to her debut album “Finding Yahuah” features 28 tracks and spans an impressive 1 hour and 25 minutes, offering listeners an immersive worship experience.

A Testament to Faith and Devotion

“Finding Yahuah Two: Narrow Path” continues BritYah’s journey of faith, worship, and praise to the Almighty Yahuah. The album is a rich tapestry of soulful sound, blending worship, praise, and themes of salvation through His Son. Each track reflects the trials and joys BritYah has encountered on her path to finding Yah, painting a vivid picture of the loving and merciful Elohim she serves.

In her own words, BritYah shares the inspiration behind her music: “We were going through a lot, struggling with money and food, and Yahuah showed us He was faithful. This album is a testament to His provision and mercy.”

Diverse Musical Styles and Collaborations

BritYah’s versatility as an artist shines through in this album. She sings, raps, and performs spoken word, often vocalizing Scripture. Her husband, Sta’phan The Preacher, along with other artists like HezekiYah, make guest appearances, adding depth and diversity to the album.

Tracks like “No Greater Love” and “Hold On” are perfect examples of BritYah’s ability to blend different musical styles while maintaining a strong spiritual message. The album also features exciting music videos for key songs, available on BritYah’s YouTube channel.

A Masterful Production

As a masterful writer and producer, BritYah authors the lyrics, melodies, and rhythms of her music. She takes great care in crafting each song, ensuring that her work not only honors the Most High but also enriches the spiritual lives of her listeners. “Yes, we can have quality music in our Set-Apart walks,” BritYah asserts, “thanks to artists who dedicate their talents to Yahuah.”

Track Highlights

  1. No Greater Love – A heartfelt testament to Yahuah’s boundless love.
  2. Deeper (feat. Vonte & Brandy) – A collaborative exploration of faith and devotion.
  3. Don’t Fall Away – An encouraging anthem to stay steadfast in faith.
  4. Pull Me Close – A prayerful plea for divine closeness.
  5. Shalom – A soothing melody that embodies the peace of Yahuah.
  6. Step By Step – A song about trusting in Yahuah’s guidance.
  7. Hold On – A call to persevere through life’s challenges.
  8. Sanctuary – A track about finding refuge in Yahuah.
  9. Listen (Still Voice) – A meditative piece on hearing Yahuah’s guidance.
  10. Super – An uplifting celebration of Yahuah’s greatness.

An Invitation to Experience the Album

BritYah’s “Finding Yahuah Two: Narrow Path” is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp. Listeners can immerse themselves in this spiritual journey and explore the accompanying music videos on BritYah’s YouTube channel.

Get the full album here: Bandcamp

For those seeking quality music to enhance their Set-Apart walk, “Finding Yahuah Two: Narrow Path” offers a profound and enriching experience. Stay tuned to Yahudah Living for more updates on BritYah and other artists dedicated to uplifting the Set-Apart community.

Watch the Interview

Catch BritYah’s interview where she delves deeper into the creation of “Finding Yahuah Two: Narrow Path” and shares more about her inspiring journey. Watch the full interview on YouTube and gain insights into the heart and soul behind her music.

Watch the interview here: YouTube Interview

Stay connected with Yahudah Living for the latest news and updates on Set-Apart music. Shalom and stay blessed!

This article was written by Sister June, dedicated to bringing the latest news and stories to the Set Apart Community. Published on March 23, 2023 - Modified on June 30, 2024.

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Sister June

Sister June

June, the Founder of Yahudah Living and All Praises Radio, is passionate about connecting people within the Set Apart Walk to valuable resources and each other. With a love for Yah, writing, and a background as the editor of her college newspaper, she now reports on news for Yashrael! When she's not editing videos or content for the radio or YouTube, you can find her enjoying family time, baking, canning, gardening, running her web agency and volunteering as the Administrator for her assembly.

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