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Love So Pure by Sta'phan The Preacher & BritYah

BritYah and Sta’phan The Preacher Release Collaborative Album “A Love So Pure”

By Sister June, STAFF WRITER
Published on August 14, 2023 - Modified on June 30, 2024

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A Testament to Unwavering Divine Love

ATLANTA, Georgia (August 24, 2023)—BritYah and Sta’phan The Preacher, two prominent voices in the realm of Set Apart music, have come together to release their highly anticipated collaborative album, “A Love So Pure.” This powerful collection of ten tracks explores themes of divine love, faith, and spiritual perseverance, offering listeners a profound and uplifting musical experience.

The Heart of the Album

“A Love So Pure” is anchored in the profound scriptural message found in Romans 8:38-39:

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor messengers nor principalities nor powers, neither the present nor the future, nor height nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of Elohim which is in Messiah יהושע our Master.”

This scripture underscores the album’s central theme of unwavering love and devotion, reflecting the artists’ deep faith and commitment to spreading the message of Yah’s love through their music.

A Musical Journey Through Faith

The album features ten tracks, each uniquely crafted to inspire and encourage believers in their spiritual walk. With a total runtime of 28 minutes, the album offers a concise yet impactful listening experience:

  1. No Greater Love – A heartfelt expression of the boundless love of Elohim.
  2. Deeper (feat. Vonte & Brandy) – A collaborative effort that delves into the depths of faith and love.
  3. Don’t Fall Away – A reminder to remain steadfast in faith despite life’s challenges.
  4. Pull Me Close – A prayerful plea for Yah’s presence and guidance.
  5. Shalom – A soothing track that embodies the peace of Yah.
  6. Step By Step – An encouraging song about trusting Yah’s plan one step at a time.
  7. Hold On – A call to perseverance and hope in the face of trials.
  8. Sanctuary – A song about finding refuge and strength in Yah’s presence.
  9. Listen (Still Voice) – A meditative piece on hearing Yah’s guidance.
  10. Super – An uplifting anthem celebrating the power and greatness of Yah.

Afrobeat Rhythms and Worship

“A Love So Pure” is characterized by its Afrobeat praise and worship style, illuminating gratitude and reverence for the Most High (TMH) and the MessiYah. This unique blend of musical influences creates an engaging and dynamic worship experience that resonates with listeners from diverse backgrounds.

Available Now

“A Love So Pure” is now available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Listeners can also purchase physical copies of the album through Bandcamp, ensuring they have a tangible reminder of this powerful musical journey.

Purchase Album Here: Bandcamp

Stream Here: Linktree

Join the Conversation

For more updates and to connect with BritYah and Sta’phan The Preacher, follow them on social media. Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, live performances, and behind-the-scenes content that will further explore the themes and inspiration behind “A Love So Pure.”

Discover “A Love So Pure”

Immerse yourself in the divine love and spiritual depth of “A Love So Pure” by BritYah and Sta’phan The Preacher. Let the powerful messages and melodies guide you on your spiritual journey, and experience the transformative power of Yah’s love through music.

For more information and to support the artists, visit their official websites and social media pages. Listen to “A Love So Pure” today and let your spirit be renewed and uplifted.

Stay connected with Yahudah Living for the latest news and updates on set-apart music releases. Shalom and be blessed!

This article was written by Sister June, dedicated to bringing the latest news and stories to the Set Apart Community. Published on August 14, 2023 - Modified on June 30, 2024.

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Sister June

Sister June

June, the Founder of Yahudah Living and All Praises Radio, is passionate about connecting people within the Set Apart Walk to valuable resources and each other. With a love for Yah, writing, and a background as the editor of her college newspaper, she now reports on news for Yashrael! When she's not editing videos or content for the radio or YouTube, you can find her enjoying family time, baking, canning, gardening, running her web agency and volunteering as the Administrator for her assembly.

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