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All Praises Radio 24-Hours Set Apart Music & Audio Torah

All Praises Radio is a 24-hour digital radio station that plays Set Apart music, Scripture meditations, and Audio Torah & Besorah readings. We also play interviews that take place on the Yahudah Living YouTube channel, on topics like Homebirth, Homeschool, Set Apart music and more!

We love hearing YOUR feedback. If there is a song you DISLIKE or something NEW you'd like added, get in touch on our Facebook PageInstagram PageYouTube Page, or use the Contact Form here!

The Vision of Praises Radio is to spread the Truth of Yah, inspire and encourage believers, and freely promote Set-Apart recording artists, many who are also worship leaders! We've built a growing directory of artists where you can look up an artist's website address and find out where to buy their music! We also feature interviews with these artists on our YouTube channel and air these interviews on the radio along with Testimonials, Skits, and Spoke Word pieces from all over Yashrael, along with airing footage from Yahudah Living originals found on our YouTube channel. That happens daily at 6 pm EST. Music is a powerful force and a beautiful way to share the Good News with those asleep, those wakening up, and those of us in this Walk.

Yahudah Living is the home of All Praises Radio. We are compiling resources here for all of Yashrael. Visit the Homepage and other pages on this website to learn more!

HOW TO HELP: Spread the word! Thank you for your prayers, encouragement & moral support! Please tell everyone you know about this new SetApart Radio Station. HalleluYAHUAH!!!! NEW: By request, we have a special page here where you can become a supporter!

SUBSCRIBE: To be notified of new Interviews, subscribe to our YouTube channel here. The channel has lots of series that will begin posting content regularly, Yah-willing.

CONTACT US:  To contact Yahudah Living or All Praises Radio, use this contact form. We reply to all emails!


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Disclaimer & Friendly Reminder: While this website,, is called to compile resources for Yashrael, it is your responsibility to vet everything (Acts 17:11). Study to show yourself approved (2 Timothy 2:15)! Be gentle as doves but wise as serpents (Matthew 10:16). The owners of this website do not necessarily agree 100% with the resources or shops listed.

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