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Octavia “Queen O” Debuts New Song “Everyone Forgiven” During Yahudah Living Interview

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Portland, Oregon – May 16, 2024

Octavia, known to her fans as Hadassah Queen O, has launched her latest musical endeavor, “Good,” an album that transcends genres to deliver powerful messages of faith and perseverance. The release marks a significant milestone in Octavia’s nearly three-decade-long career, showcasing her unwavering dedication to creating music that uplifts and inspires.

“Good” is not just an album; it’s a testament to Octavia’s journey through life’s challenges while remaining grounded in her faith in Yah. Each track on the album is imbued with personal experiences and a deep spiritual connection, making it a profoundly moving listening experience for fans old and new.

From the empowering anthem “Because He Lives” to the soulful reflection of “Nobody But Yah,” and the lively praise of “Wow Ooo Whoa!”, “Good” offers a diverse range of songs that resonate with listeners on a spiritual level. Octavia’s ability to blend various musical styles while staying true to her message is a testament to her artistic versatility and creative vision.

In a recent interview with Yahudah Living, Octavia shared insights into her creative process and the inspiration behind “Good.” Reflecting on her journey, she expressed, “I’ve battled through some dark times, but they’ve only made me stronger. Quitting? Not in my DNA. I owe my resilience to my guiding light, The Most High, YAH.” Her dedication to her craft and unwavering faith shine through in every track on the album.

“Good” is now available for purchase on multiple platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube Music. Fans can also follow Octavia’s journey and support her ministry through her social media channels and website.

Join Octavia on her musical voyage through “Good,” and let her songs inspire and uplift your spirit as you embark on your own journey of faith and resilience.


You can watch the full interview here.

Sister June

Sister June

June, the Founder of Yahudah Living and All Praises Radio, is passionate about connecting people within the Set Apart Walk to valuable resources and each other. With a love for Yah, writing, and a background as the editor of her college newspaper, she now reports on news for Yashrael! When she's not editing videos or content for the radio or YouTube, you can find her enjoying family time, baking, canning, gardening, running her web agency and volunteering as the Administrator for her assembly.


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