AWAKE AFRICA Tour & Missions Trip

The Great Awakening International Missions Team & Awake the Nations presents the AWAKE AFRICA Tour & Missions Trip in the Summer of 2024. This is a two 7-day awakening tour in 2 different countries (Kenya and Ghana) over a period of (15 Nights, and 16 Days).

We endeavor to Learn and Awaken Africa by:

  • Visiting the Land of our Ancestors
  • Learn our forgotten culture & language from locals
  • Visit Historical Landmarks
  • Preaching the Besorah
  • Repentance Back to Torah
  • Truth Music Outdoor Concerts
  • Biblical Heritage Awareness
  • Street Evangelistic Ministry
  • Feeding the Marginalized
  • Community Outreach
  • Building Hebraic Residential Communities

One of the emphases of this trip would be to provide a Humanitarian Mission effort by providing aid to those in need and preaching the Besorah of the Kingdom to Kenyans and Ghanaians. We will work with natives Moreh Douglas Ogembo, Robert Mensyah, and Zaqen GadarYahu of the Great Awakening African Worship Hubs to develop strategies to better serve the natives. We are organizing efforts to support emergency shelter, health, water, sanitation, hygiene, food, and psychosocial support for people on the continent.

We are planning to use various Hebrew Artists to perform live concerts, evangelize the local neighborhoods, preach the Besorah, and share conclusive evidence revealing to the natives that they are the bloodline “Children of Israel.”

Also, during this tour, we hope to establish GAI Hebraic Off-Grid Hebraic Communities throughout Africa to facilitate points of connection, galvanize our resources, distance ourselves from grid dependency, live together in true community, and support each other as a means to survive in the end times. Each African Hebraic Community will consist of the following: Off Grid Living, Residential Community, Campgrounds w/ Cabins, Farmland, Multi-Purpose Worship Facility, Community Heritage Hall, Food Processing Facility, Body of Water, Recreation/Community Center, ASATS School / Hebrew Academy International, Storage Facility, Barn House, Solar Field, Business & Heritage Center, Healing & Health Center.

What’s Included?

  • Air Travel (from US to Kenya, from Kenya to Ghana, from Ghana to US)
  • Ground Transportation (For the entire 14 day period)
  • Hotel Accommodations for 14 days (7 Days in Kenya and 7 Days in Ghana)
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) on at Hotels. (Everyone is responsible for their own meals away from hotels).
  • ⁠Excursions and Site Visits in Kenya and Ghana. (includes Ashanti Palace, Cape Coast/Elmina Castle, Last Bath, and a Safari)
  • Outdoor Outreach in Kenya and Ghana. This includes printed torah based material to share the Awakening with our bothers and sisters on the Continent.
  • ⁠Land Acquisition Assist GAI in purchasing land in Kenya, Zambia, and Ghana for future community development.

14 Day Itinerary

  • July 10th – WEDNESDAY – 6:00 pm us (travel day) – to Nairobi Kenya
  • July 11th – THURSDAY – arrive nairobi kenya @ 7:30pm check into hotel in Nairobi
  • July 12th FRIDAY – (travel to Kisii 5-7hrs) check into hotel in Kisii – Ufanisi Resorts / Kisii, Kenya
  • July 13th SHABBAT – shabbat at GAI Kenya worship hub grounds, riamarabu liberty.
  • July 14th SUNDAY – visiting potential land for sale, conference with kenyan leadership team.
  • July 15th MONDAY – community outreach morning hours, live evangelical crusade 3pm-5pm
  • July 16th TUESDAY –musical concert and providing humanitarian support to the deprived communities.
  • July 17th WEDNESDAY – hotel from Ufanisi Resorts / Kisii, Kenya checkout morning (drive to Nairobi – check in to hotel in Nairobi – Safari at Nairobi National (“the world’s only wildlife capital”)
  • 18th July THURSDAY, Arriving in Ghana, Airport To Alisa Hotel
  • 19th July FRIDAY, Arriving in Ghana, Airport To  Alisa Hotel.
  • 20th July SATURDAY, Sabbath at Alisa Hotel Conference Room.
  • 21st July SUNDAY, Visiting To The Land site, and other Tourist sites in Accra. Nkrumah Museum, culture, and art center, Christian Borg castle, independence square, James fort and light House, EQuator the center of the world.
  • 22 July MONDAY, Trip To Cape Coast. Cape Coast Castle,  Elmina Castle, Kakum Park, Last Bath,
  • 23rd July TUESDAY, Trip To Kumasi. Visiting The Ashanti Palace, Culture and Art Center, Kejetia Market The Biggest in West Africa, and Kumasi Zoo then back To Accra
  • 24th July WEDNESDAY, Street evangelism, Meeting Deprive community leaders.
  • 25th July THURSDAY, Musical concert and providing Humanitarian support to the deprived communities.
  • 26th July FRIDAY Escort To the airport in the morning. Plane leaves at 10:00pm


Jul 10 - 26 2024


All Day

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