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Giving All Glory Honor To The MOST HIGH YAH and Our 🩸Messiah! YAH Has Awakened His People. YAH has restored His People. YAH Has Delivered His People. YAH has Shown His People Mercy. We Will Praise YAH in the lands Of Our Captivities, All The Way HOME TO JERUSALEM!


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1 review
  • Katriel BatYah

    What can I say about my Ach HezekiYah??? His worship is FOR REAL! When I saw him minister LIVE at the Abib Fest in 2022, this Ach’s worship was so deep he couldn’t even sing, rap, perform, nothing. The presence of The Most High Yahuah was all over him so heavy it overwhelmed him and He. Had. No. Words! Just tears flowing in worship and adoration of Yahuah! He had to take a minute to compose himself, and we were all right there with him. Talk about a powerful ministry! This Ach lead everyone into a profound worship experience in Yahuah, without even being able to minister in song at all! Now THAT’S worship. HalaluYahuah. His desire for Yahuah to make him Pure (check out that track y’all, I’m telling you!) is so deep in him, it permeated throughout the room, touching and igniting the selfsame desire in each of us present in the room. HalauYah for the baruk Yahuah has given to His people in the form of His Set Apart Artists! Yadah Yahuah! HalaluYahuah!!

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