Bringing Awareness to Spiritual Abuse & the Importance of Healing

In today’s interview, we are honored to speak again with Sister Diane of Compassionate Soul Care Ministry (CSCM), a Torah-based counseling service dedicated to supporting sheep on their various journeys toward healing and deliverance. Hosted by June from Yahudah Living, this conversation delves into the critical issue of spiritual abuse. Sadly, many believers who are seeking the truth of Yah end up in communities or camps where spiritual abuse is taking place, where pastor, elder or leaders are twisting scriptures to be manipulative and controlling over the person’s life.

Spiritual abuse can have a deeply damaging impact on those who experience it.

Spiritual abuse is when someone uses religious or spiritual beliefs to control, scare, or hurt another person. This can include:
* Forcing someone to follow a religious script
* Restricting or mocking someone’s beliefs
* Refusing to allow someone to participate in spiritual practices that are important to them
* Humiliating or embarrassing someone using beliefs or scripture
* Coercing someone into giving resources or money
* Controlling someone’s clothing, behavior, sexuality, decision-making, choice to have children, or finances
* Using a sense of divine position to pressure someone to conform

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