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Jacob, an inquisitive nine-year-old, is very confused about something. Of all the different names given to people that look like him, which one was there in the beginning? He needs to know, “What Name Does The Creator of All Things Call Me?” He goes to everyone he can, tirelessly searching, asking: “What Name Does The Creator of All Things Call Me?” And surprisingly, he gets a bunch of different answers. His mother says “Black,” while Grandma and Papa refuse to be that, and call themselves “Negro,” but his teacher, Mrs. Tito, says “African-American” is definitely preferred by most! Now more puzzled than when he began, Jacob decides to ask the Creator of man, “What Name Do You Call Me?” That night in an amazing dream he gets his long-awaited answer, and it is full of meaning - telling the extraordinary story of his people perfectly.
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Tabitha A-Disciple Israel

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What Name Does The Creator of All Things Call Me?: Helping Our Children Understand Their Identity 0 reviews

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