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Living Sacrifice Disc 2
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Album Info

Artist Name
Lorvins Son of Shemites
Related Artists
Featured Artists on Album
Malachi Patterson, Hajji Golightly & Chirondala Maduka, Zamir Yaron, Amire Ryter, J. LUTCH, Travis Snipes, Mainframe, Ahch Ish Milechamah, Beloved Daud, DP & Moshey Ben Yahudah
Track Listing (Songs on the Album)
1. Qam Yasharala (Feat. Malachi Patterson, Hajji Golightly & Chirondala Maduka)
2. Djembe (Feat. Mainframe)
3. Yahuah Back
4. Praise On (Feat J. LUTCH & Malaunyahu)
5. Better Way
6. Hold Up (Feat Moshey Ben Yahudah)
7. Im on Dat (Feat J. LUTCH)
8. Pick up Your Bed
9. One Nation Under Yah
10. Two Sides
11. A Good Thing (Feat. Zamir Yaron)
12. Let's Deal With It (Feat. Ahch Ish Milechamah)
13. From Another Place (Feat. Amire Ryter )
14. Lost Ones
15. Yahuda We Up Next (Feat J. LUTCH, Travis Snipes, Mainframe, Ahch Ish Milechamah, Beloved Daud, DP
& Moshey Ben Yahudah)
Album Release Date
June 10, 2020

Living Sacrifice Disc 2 0 reviews

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