UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

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INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each bag contains 8 individually wrapped .53oz dark chocolate coconut bars and are perfect for lunches, snacking, on the go, or to add to your baked goods!

ONLY 3G SUGAR: we keep sugar to a minimum without using sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. We carefully formulate our coconut bars with only the best, high quality ingredients that put flavor first without all of the sugar.

3 ALL REAL SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Organic Coconut, Organic Cassava Syrup & Dark Chocolate.

LESS SUGAR, MORE GOOD: Our dark chocolate coconut bars are made in small batches and are certified vegan, gluten free, Fair Trade, and non-GMO. Did we mention they have 51% less sugar than the leading brand?

UNREAL is on a mission to build a world where you don’t have to be afraid of your food, starting with your favorite indulgent snacks. Anytime you see the UNREAL name, you know that means our products are always made with Fair Trade and sustainable ingredients and made without sugar alcohols or soy.

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UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars | Certified Vegan. Less Sugar, Gluten-Free | 6 Bags

  • 3 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Organic Coconut, Organic Cassava Syrup & Dark Chocolate
  • ONLY 3G SUGAR: we keep sugar to a minimum, without using sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. We carefully formulate our coconut bars with only the best, quality ingredients that put flavor first without all of the sugar.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each bag contains 8 individually wrapped dark chocolate coconut bars.
  • ALL-NATURAL: our coconut bars are non-GMO project verified and made in small batches with fair trade certified ingredients.

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4.2 Ounce (Pack of 6), 8 Count (Pack of 3), 12 Count (Pack of 1), 40 Count (Pack of 1)


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10 reviews for UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

  1. B. Bod

    when i was little i ate mounds and almond joy. as a plant based vegan, i look for natural ingredients and no animal products in my food. when you can cut chemicals, and dairy and still taste like my childhood candy, why did we ever eat the chemical kind to begin with? yum and thank you

  2. GreenBean Challange

    I love coconut and chocolate but had to give up Mounds long ago because of the ingredients. I have tried many types in the search of a replacement and few have lived up to the mark and then I realized I really need to cut back on sugar and even the bars with better ingredients were just too sweet……then along came UNREAL and wow they raised the bar, ha,ha!! These coconut bars are perfect!! Dark chocolate with the right amount of sweet to be appealing but not overwhelming and oh so creamy coconut!! Beautiful!! Thank you!!

  3. M

    I was so happy to see these were available to purchase on Amazon, since I have yet to find them in stores.These are delicious, and made with good, quality ingredients. The chocolate and coconut are a perfect combo, without all the guilt.I will be buying again.

  4. HMOORE123

    Taste good, like a Mounds bar but vegan.

  5. The Desert CatMom

    These are a lot like Mounds bars with far less calories and far less sugar. They are wonderful snacks and very satisfying. I love that they send this in a cold pack. I live in the desert and was pleased that the bars were still cold when I got them. I will try some of their other flavors for sure. If you love dark chocolate and coconut this is the candy bar for you …. So yummy !!!

  6. Frank L

    I became intolerant to diary and other food products (SIBO sufferer). These go down without a problem. That’s a big deal for me and means the ingredients are of good quality (you can think of me as a crappy quality detector… fortunately for you and unfortunately for me!)And I love bounty chocolate bars…These are amazing. They are less sweet than bounty (which is fine).They are served in individual pouches (the size of one small “thumb-sized” bounty half bar) which is great for snacking.Each pouch / bar is only 70 calories. This is helpful to know if you are counting your calories (quite frankly.. I am not. But I know that 700 calories which is 10 bars and a lot more than I’d eat in any single day is fine)Perfect shelter-in-place snack (or take it with you to work kinda snack).Also worth noting that at $1/oz (get the pack of 3), you’ll be hard pressed to find a _vegan_ snack that doesn’t look like just a bunch of grains competing with it.There are a couple other bars out there I am still trying but the unreal stuff is probably at least top 3.Must have snack!

  7. NoYouCan

    The best expensive alternative to Mounds that you’ll find anywhere. Worth it!Just don’t eat the whole box when it arrives or you’ll be making Mounds of your own in less than 24 hours!

  8. MadScientist

    These are excellent and require some self control because it is VERY easy to eat a whole bag at a time. The chocolate is a decent dark chocolate and the coconut is tasty. Even better than a Mounds bar since they use better quality ingredients. They are expensive though – that is why we only get them once in a while. Wonder how much of the high cost is due to the cost of better ingredients, small production runs, or if they are marked up because the are “premium” product.

  9. Amazon Customer

    These are great. I like the texture, I love that this candy is non-dairy because I’m lactose defective and this is what I can actually eat.They also arrived in perfect condition– sort of.Let me explain…I ordered 6 packages of these, very expensive for the few you get, but 12 packages arrived crammed into a box and at the same time I also get a UPS envelope with 3 packages of these in them. The envelope with 3 packages in it (remember, I ordered 6 packages) arrived all soaked with what looks like soda on them and pieces of still wet paper towel stuck to the bags. My guess is that the three packages were sent first and were in such bad condition that they sent the 12 afterwards because the first order was so badly screwed up. I don’t know.I’m just glad the box of 12 was in perfect shape. They’re delicious. I’d buy again. I just hope the next order doesn’t arrive in a bag full of wet paper towel and soda.

  10. Suzanne

    I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious dark chocolate covering finely grated coconut (a title too finely for my taste). Overall, this seems to be a good choice for diabetics like me, as it contains little sugar but still satisfies the desire for sweets. I think the makers are trying to offer a superior product that is nutritionally responsible as well as yummy. I will continue to buy it and to have it on hand for guests. My only problem with my order was that one of the eight envelopes containing individual bars was sealed but empty. I hope this was a rare occurrence.

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