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This new English translation includes Genesis through Revelation. Restores the Name of our Creator to the Text in each place it occurs in Modern Hebrew letters. This new version in English is a literal translation. By Institute for Scripture Research, overseen by Dr. Chris Koster. New in the 2009 edition: Improvements to the text – seeking a yet closer equivalent to the literal meaning of the original language. Quotations / Allusions from the Tanakh (O.T.) are in bold type in the Second Writings (N.T.), and are accompanied by the text references – aiding your understanding of the original contexts, and how they influence the writers drawing upon them. Hebrew names of Book Titles are now on right hand pages with corresponding traditional English names on the left hand pages – making it easier for you to find the place, and easier to learn the Hebrew titles. (Hebrew names are also used where possible for annual festival days, as well as being used, minimally, for ambiguous words). Removal of doctrinal comments from footnotes, explanatory notes etc., (including deletion of prophecy hairlines) in favor of more useful notes – thus clearing away obstacles to your unbiased study of Scripture. Maps, Timelines, Illustrations have been added.

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10 reviews for ISR Bible – “The Scriptures”

  1. Yochanan

    Everyone should have this copy. Names are transliterated more accurately from their original Hebrew forms. The closer to the original you get, the closer you get to YHVH. I use it in conjunction with The Cepher ( Both are excellent resources for receiving His word as He dictated it to the writers. All other bible versions stray greatly from His original words. Accept no imitation or skewed translations.

  2. Peter Page

    I bought this for my daughter for teaching and feeding on the Word daily. I’ve had a copy for several years for my personal daily devotion and feeding. The Word actually speaks to me; my heart, my mind, my soul and my spirit. I know it’s not this particular book, and I am not suggesting that; it’s the Word of Elohim itself through His Set-Apart Spirit that feeds all of me. It’s the translation that aids in my understanding of His Word. There are many scriptural versions or translations that are affected by impure words and usage, and this translation does not. I recommend this translation to everyone seeking and striving to purify their devotional reading.

  3. Daniel

    This is one of the Best, restored accurate translations I have read. This is truly the closest translation of God’s word I have read, not only that Pagan tittles such as, God Lord, Christ, ext have been removed and The true Names and tittles of our heavenly Father have been restored in the Original Hebrew form, Our Messiah’s Holy name has also been restored in place of the made up transliteration of his name which is Jesus, his true name Yeshua is restored in it’s Original form also. The Book is a nice blue color rather than boring black, also it has silver lining round the edge of the papers which looks very nice too. If you are looking for an easy to read accurate restored names bible this is for you, I highly recommend this Bible to any truth seeking Christian who is searching for an accurate translation of Our Fathers word. Also I would like to mention this book comes with a hard cover to keep it protected and stored while your not using it, and it has book marks attached at the top of the book which is a plus.

  4. Bennie

    I have only started reading it, it is a little difficult to get used to the Hebrew names and associate them with what I am used to. But that is exactly why I purchased it so I can learn, and understand more. So very good. I just have to adjust my thinking.

  5. garfield

  6. VintageFOTO

    This version is even more accurate than the David Stern translation and does not have the (“and thus Jesus declared all [unkosher] foods clean”) garbage added by translators and incorrect understanding of the Hebrew writings. Very highly recommended for those who want to get closer to the source writings.

  7. G. L. Pena

    An excellent resource to have been added to my study and preparation tools. While this is a great tool for the serious bible student, it is simple enough for the layman as well. I really love the ‘reverence’ with which they treat the names of God. All os the books of the Bible are listed with their traditional English names, but they also appear with the original Hebrew names, spelled out in the romanized alphabet. Add this resource Yao your library. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Dennis J. Taylor

    Some years ago I visited the Land of Israel for the first, and only time in my life. When I got there something amazing happened to me, I was over-come with the feeling that I belong there, I felt that I was home, the feeling was real. I’ve always thought the KJV of the Bible was the closest thing to YHWH word, but once I began to read the scriptures Bible, with the un-translated names of bible characters and places, I felt closer to YHWH than ever before, now I knew Elohim true name, and it’s “Yah” and his Son’s name “Yahushua”. The name Jesus is nowhere to be found in the Scriptures Bible. This bible is a blessing, other bibles replaced, and wrongly translate many scriptures within the Most High word, this bible basically restores and keeps the original text in place, which gives the reader a better feel and understanding of YHWH word. I highly recommends this bible to anyone who wants to feel closer to YHWH through his word.

  9. Steven W. Knight

    It is amazing to use this wonderful VERSION with Henry Morris KJV Defender’s Bible on key verses. It just seems to come alive.The INSIGHT in producing this WORK is a gift to those who appreciate the nuances of the another culture.For example when you read Luke 21:8 in The Scriptures one sees that the word “Christ” is not there from the KJV. That means that manywill say they are (the great – my comment) “I AM!” Cross that with (the Greek word # 4183) “Many” (like in Mark 5:9) where they were “Legion”(which was 6,100 men and 786 horse for 6,886 total) going inot more than 2,000 pigs – you get the idea that many MAY mean a lot. And that’s right after the three gospels demand you DO NOT BE DECEIVED…

  10. Crystal Souther

    Never been more excited to receive a package from Amazon. This version of The Scriptures by ISR restores Yahuah Elohim sacred name as well as His Son Yahusha! Also has chapter titles under Hebraic and English names for better understanding and study. It also explains WHY the original name and Hebraic words are so much more important than we know.

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