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TASTY AND VERSATILE: Taste the sweet, ripe, delicious plantains combined with the crunchiness of chips, Iberia Maduritos are the tastiest snacks ever.

ALTERNATIVE TO POTATO CHIPS: Iberia Maduritos as they are known in Spanish are the best alternative to potato chips, because they are 100% Natural with no Preservatives and are low in salt.

ALL NATURAL: Our cholesterol-free plantain chips are crunchy, healthy alternative to traditional snacks. 0g Trans Fats, NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE

A DELICIOUS SNACK: Iberia sweet plantain chips taste just like regular chips; you will not believe they are made with ripe plantains. Go ahead and open the jar, let their irresistible sweetness hook you from the first bite.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Enjoy Iberia Maduritos right out of the jar, or along a sandwich! Or you can crush them to make an extra crunchy, low salt breading for fish, chicken etc! You can also top ice cream, yogurt and even mashed potatoes with Iberia Maduritos. Add to granola chopped in big chunks or finely crush them to use them as flour substitute to make muffins or pancakes and desserts! There are innumerable possibilities with Iberia Sweet Plantain Chips

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Garlic, Maduritos Bags, Plantain Strips, Salted Bags, Tostones, Variety, Vegetable Chips

10 reviews for Plaintains

  1. jackie

    They taste great! have great fry color! Not plantains that are dark color! Great quality!

  2. Audreybb

    i have tried many plantain chips and these are the best ones I have had. Some reviewers have been posting concerns about the oil used to make these. I also bought these because they were supposedly cooked in Palm oil, but the bag I received just says vegetable oil. I contacted the seller and they confirmed that is is palm oil and also sent me a picture of the bulk box with the ingredients listed and it said “vegetable Palm oil. If there is doubt, look at the nutrition profile. I am pretty sure Palm oil is the only vegetable oil that is saturated fat and the nutrition label only lists saturated fat, so it can’t be some other vegetable oil.

  3. Joy Weber

    These have got to be the best ones I have ever had. I will be getting them again!!

  4. Denae Celeste Bush

    I absolutely love these chips! The only problem I have with them is I wish I could’ve picked which ones I wanted. Because I love the salted and garlic the best!!

  5. Johnny’s girl

    The best plantain chips.

  6. Clement B. Potoki

    Excellent and value for money

  7. LuvOahu

    The first time I ever had plantain chips was in Honduras. When I got home, I had to find them here in the US and was so happy to find these on Amazon The first order I got was good but half the chips were crushed. This time they came crisp and tasty and very few crushed. I am thrilled. I will be ordering these for as long as they are available on Amazon.

  8. chygirl

    I use to buy plantain chips from an Asian store but when they ran out and did not get some for over 3 months i decided to go on line and search.I found this LAMS product,i was initially sceptical but i decided to give it a try.i bought 2 cases just because the shipping is cheaper with the more you buy.I was pleasantly surprised when i ate this chips.I tell you ,its the best i ever ate.Light,cripsy,sweet and tasted very fresh. They are also very efficient and fast.I ordered on a saturday and it was on my door step by Tuesday afternoon. The only thing i can tell you is that it has slightly less chips in a pack than the ones i have previously tried,but quality wise its the BEST.I have never written a review on any product but i felt i needed to do it for this chips just because of how impressed i was with it.

  9. Kindle Customer

    This is really a good deal. 3 flavors, 8 bags tastes great. I especially liked the garlic. The bags are just the right size. They came very fresh and I will order again.

  10. yukicharley

    I’ve tried other plantain chips and these are by far the best. The others I have tried are too sweet and these are salty and savory with a touch of sweetness. My only complaint is that it is hard to get them as they disappear from stock rather quickly. But anytime I see them available, I buy several pounds so that they last me a while.

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