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Popcorners Snacks Gluten Free Chips, 6 Flavor Variety Pack, (Pack of 20) (Assortment may Vary)

  • 20 Pack of 1 oz PopCorners variety snack pack chips: (3) White Cheddar, (4) Kettle Corn, (4) Sea Salt, (3) Spicy Queso, (3) Sweet Chili, (3) Sour Cream & Onion single serve snack chips
  • Wholesome snacks: popcorner’s delicious popped corn snacks are drizzled in sunflower oil with a pinch of sea salt, our chips are never fried. No gluten, no nuts. Just simple ingredients for better flavor
  • PopCorners delicious popped corn snacks are never fried and gluten free
  • Convenient on-the-go snacks great for a busy lifestyle, at work, kids’ lunch snacks and much more


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1 Ounce (Pack of 20), 1 Ounce (Pack of 40)

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6 Flavor Variety Pack, Kettle Corn, Popcorners & Flex Variety, Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, White Cheddar

10 reviews for Popcorners

  1. Paul D.

    Okay so I love kettlecorn but popcorn sucks. SOLVED: These chips don’t get stuck in my teeth or choke me. Take that, Popcorn, my nemesis! You’ve been replaced with Popcorners. I bought a whole crate. My girlfriend rolled her eyes at me. Whatever, it’s improved my movie watching experience by about 1000x increments of fun. I’m going to see what happens when I put one in the microwave and lather it in butter. Don’t judge me.

  2. Elyse Marie Bradley

    I got these on a JetBlue flight during a recent trip and was so addicted to them I bought a whole case. They’re not the cheapest, but they are relatively harmless as far as snacks go and they taste SO good- perfect mix of sweet and salty. Only 4 ingredients and it uses pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Love this stuff!

  3. Austin E.

    I’m addicted to Mexican food, plain and simple. Yet the guilt of eating a ton of chips and salsa always gets me. Saw these at Target and decided to give them a try – it’s like popcorn and tortilla chips had a secret super hot sister you had no idea existed. Cannot even go back to normal tortilla chips anymore, they just don’t do it. Shoot I don’t even want to eat popcorn anymore, give me the kettle corn flavor of these babies. No complaints over any of the flavors on my end, I think the kettle corn was my favorite though because it adds some “sweet” when you eat them and they’re perfect with salsa.Buy these chips if the above review at all sounds like you. You won’t regret it.

  4. BookLover24

    I first tried the Pop Corners white cheddar at a gas station and fell in love because I saw the perfect opportunity to replace my regular high-sodium, high-fat snacks. I bought this pack because it literally keeps me to one serving instead of having to portion it out myself (I hate doing that because it hurts). I enjoy these and think they’re delicious, but I would say it’s also a mindset. Would I rather have a bag of some other kinds of chips? Of course, junk food is addicting. But this alternative doesn’t disappoint.

  5. Jo-Ann

    I gave up on popcorn, because it always get stuck in my teeth, so I started buying bags of this at the grocery store. I got so hooked on this product that I almost made a special trip to the store just to get only this! Almost but not quite. Wasn’t sure that was such a good idea during Covid. Fortunately, I decided to look on Amazon and lo and behold! I could get 40 little, perfectly sized bags, without leaving my home! I will never be without these! Each bag is only 120 calories and 115 mg of sodium! They are really fresh and crispy! I either eat a bag while watching TV at night or during the day, for a great snack. These have also replaced my need/desire for crispy crackers!

  6. C

    Spicy queso has to be my favorite of this variety pack. They remind me of doritos! Sweet chili would be 2nd, they’re not comparable to the dorito with the same name though. They have a nice kick! White cheddar I place 3rd, it’s quite bland. Sea salt is very plain, most like a plain rice cake but thinner and crunchier. Kettle corn is a very subtle sweet but I’m just not a fan of sweet chips.

  7. Nicole

    We love the white cheddar flavor and the 1oz bags are so nice for portion control. We found a big bag of them recently at a store but couldn’t find them again after numerous trips to different grocery and drug stores so I’m really glad Amazon had them for such a reasonable price. I ordered very recently and the bags are dated for freshness until April of 2020 so no rush to eat them all right away!

  8. Kristy

    I love the taste of popcorn, but avoid eating it because of the hulls. These snacks satisfy that popcorn craving and I don’t have concerns about the hulls getting stuck in my gums! The flavors are delicious! The kettle corn is perfect for something sweet, whereas the Thai seasoned one satisfies a craving for a “little” spicy, and the sea salt works for something salty. I’ve tried to pick a favorite flavor, but they’re all so good! Since discovering these, we have eliminated potato chips from our pantry. I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’re healthy, but they are a healthier alternative to what we used to snack on and certainly more satisfying. A half of a bag is usually enough to kill a craving, whereas a whole bag works to fill you up at lunch when combined with a wrap, salad, or sandwich.

  9. Megan E.

    These are just amazing. I love kettle corn, and chips…. BOOM best snack ever. Could easily finish a Costco size bag in an hour.Maybe this is based on a true event 😳

  10. Kells

    These are my favorite snack! The flavor is awesome! Sweet, but not to sweet! My only problem is, I was buying the cases of the 7 oz. Bags and now the price on them have went up tremendously! Guess ill stick to the 1 oz.Bags! Im addicted to these!Edit: the last couple times I’ve bought these 1 oz. Bags I’ve had at least 3 or 4 of them be stale when I open them! Very frustrating and nasty!

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