Master Set of Bible Flashcards (Flashcards): Ethelyn Simon, Irene Resnikoff, Linda Motzkin: 9780939144655: Books

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10 reviews for Master Set of Bible Flashcards (Flashcards): Ethelyn Simon, Irene Resnikoff, Linda Motzkin: 9780939144655: Books

  1. Don Rankin

    Very handy and helpful. Would recommend to any student of Hebrew language.

  2. Helen

    These go with the text book. I’m taking a class in Biblical Hebrew and the text book and flashcards are required. The flash cards are essential in helping with memorizes the Hebrew words.

  3. Mark Agnew

    another great study tool

  4. Lauren Rischel

    The flash cards are a great help with spelling and the root letters help in understanding the construction of words built on a common theme. I bought the flash cards along with the First Hebrew Primer Third Addition and the companion audio CDs. As a package, they make learning Biblical Hebrew fairly easy.

  5. Amazon Customer

    The cards are sorted according to the chapters where the words are introduced in The First Hebrew Primer. This is helpful if you are using this text. If using another text book, you may have to hunt for the words you need. It would then be helpful to re-sort them according to the aleph-bet.

  6. Shortcake

    I really like the cards, thank you.

  7. D. Mack

    I got these to accompany the book I am using to learn hebrew. They are helping me to develop a better hebrew vocabulary.

  8. Life is Beautiful

    A must have companion to the study to keep it fresh! Beats making them yourself, lasts longer, is organized by chapter so you can track along with your book progress and indicates the Masculine/Feminine which will be important to you further down the road.

  9. Halo

    Excellent supplement to the workbook. Bagged an A in the course because of these cards. I had a biblical Hebrew course which stressed reading and vocabulary over writing so when I tried to make my own flash cards I couldn’t even recognize the characters I had written. Because we never practiced writing, the characters I made were very crude looking. With the cards I didn’t have to worry about that and I brought a midterm grade up from a C to an A (with one retake allowed – C before cards, A after a weekend of studying with the cards). As many students know, flash cards are extremely effective method of learning new vocabulary and this purchase was definitely worth every penny.

  10. Opey James Freedle

    Very helpful for me as a first year student to begin recognizing the block print letters. The flash cards I made were great for learning how to write the letters but don’t help for recognizing the actual block print when reading Hebrew.

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