Humbled by His Presence: Meeting YHWH at the Threshing Floor

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As we prepare for the return of Messiah, Our Abba Yah is gathering each of us to Hhis threshing floor, where He is separating the grain from the chaff. The pressure of the threshing floor is used to release the edible part of the grain from its hard outer shell. By reading and studying scripture, this book will challenge you to become sensitive to the Master’s refinement process.

This is a 21-day devotional that shares stories along with word studies provides the opportunity to gain a concrete understanding of what the Father is looking for in the life of his children, and the type of relationships we are to cultivate with those around us in order to be a Light in our homes and to the world. It will help us to prepare our hearts as well for the harvest.

10 reviews for Humbled by His Presence: Meeting YHWH at the Threshing Floor

  1. roan

    Thought provoking and to the point. Really went deep into the scripture and not just saying whatever story there is to tell but by sticking to scriptures and going by the Hebrew mind.

  2. Joyful Me

    What an amazing book for women, especially Hebrew/Black women, to read! The author does a great job of teaching and explaining Biblical Truths (the REAL Truth that is) and how we apply them to our lives! This is a must-read! 21 days is just short to keep an interest and long enough to create a change. I have already began changing some things to be a reflection of Yah and it has served me well.

  3. Lisa Amos

    Love it. Huldah’s insight on scripture is amazing. This truth has changed my life and motivated me to go deeper. A must have.

  4. Sandaretta Davis

    I’m thankful to our Abba that He placed in your spirit to write and share this with us. I’m taking this journey with other Sisters and it has been amazing. I’m thanking Him for the growth to come, the healing and restoration. My Yahuah bless you and your family ❤️.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Excellent book, *highly* recommended! Huldah sheds light on the Hebraic meaning of scripture…very important in fully understanding scripture as it was written, also *very rare* find in Western society. I am so glad I purchased, will definitely reference and recommend it in the future.

  6. Shannon

    This devotional will inform, encourage and inspire. You will want to mark pages and return to the book After the 21 days :). Hope there is a Volume 2

  7. Tanya

    One of the best books ever ❤️

  8. Amazon Customer

    This book is absolutely amazing!! If you are seeking a closer relationship with The Most High this will get you started! If you are seeking direction this book with force you to seek Yah’s face and fine tune your ear to hear him. This book was such a blessing thst I’ve decided to go through it again. This is must have!

  9. Katriel Lael BatYah

    Such an insightful, well written word of Truth. HalleluYah for His precious servant Huldah’s dedication to teaching Yah’s people!!! HalleluYah!!!

  10. Dasha

    This book has changed my life. Bringing wisdom and understanding when it was needed the most. After reading I have received correction and conviction on flaws I have possesed for years continuing to grow in the word of Yahuah. Praise Yah for putting this on Huldahs heart to write.

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