Hidden in Plain Sight

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Yoshiyahu Dauid is Moreh at “The Awakening Remnant Koalition” (THE ARK) Located California’s Central Valley. Yoshiyahu’s teachings can be heard worldwide on his YouTube channel: Moreh Yoshiyahu Dauid. His mission is to take the “Whole Word, to the Whole World.” Yoshiyahu is a musician, who plays several instruments, he also enjoys cycling and the outdoors. He has 4 children, and two grandchildren. Huldah is of Malagasy Hebrew descendant. It is the oral tradition of her family that they were taken from Madagascar on a Dutch slave ship to Holland. It was from Holland that her family made it to North Carolina. Huldah is a college graduate and an Educator. She currently lives in California. She is Married to the love of her life, and they have two beautiful daughters. Her passion and focus is the liberation of women and children through truth of their rich cultural heritage.

10 reviews for Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. Stacy Gandy

    I will read again and again! How everything pointing to “who” are the children of Israel; “what” we have done to warrant our current condition and what we need to do to come back to the fold; and “how” Yah will bring us out! HalleluYah!

  2. Qblack

    Very interesting facts , if you have ever wondered if black people were around during biblical times. Also, if you are curious what their function will be in the future.

  3. Marvin

    It is my opinion that the author uses much conjecture and assumption to reach her conclusions. It is also my opinion that she pulls one or two verses from their context to “prove” her assumptioms (proofrexting). In my opinion it was not very well written, and she did not “prove” her thesis. Dont get me wrong, I believe there is some truth to what she says, but not because I read this book, I believe she is correct in some things because I have studied other (better and more in depth) material. If you want better, and more in depth material to study I recommend two videos by Torah to the Tribes. You can find both on YouTube or you can go to torahtothetribes.com ti find them. The first is titled, The Synagogue of Satan, and the second is titled, The Migration of Judah.Shalom

  4. Orlando Bullock

    I have done and continue to study any literature pointing to the truths. I find this book well versed, however one chapter of 2 sticks gives a Bible scripture of Jeremiah 37:17-28. Jeremiah is not where you will find this. It instead will be found In Ezekiel 37: 17-28. I believe this is a typographical error by the publisher and not the author.

  5. Dree

    I really love this book. Very well written, I have read other books with the same information however, the authors of this book speak so articulate and eloquently, down to earth and just as I have said it. Not to take away from the other author’s books that I have read but this book spoke to my heart the things that I have known for years. I have recommended it to my family to read so perhaps they will believe me now. I purchased it on kindled for myself and 3 paperbacks 2 as gifts and 1 for myself. “Love It” I’m almost done reading and it’s hard for me to stop, one day I read from 8am to 3pm I was starving physically but, spiritually over stuffed. What more can I say about it but, I pray for the whole house of Israel and the Messiah is at the door it won’t be long before our captivity is over.

  6. JQuinn

    Truly an inspirational book highlighting the plight of the African American plight from a Hebrew Israelite to slavery from biblical and historical records. Will awaken your spirit and cause you to embrace your Hebrew heritage.

  7. Saga Zulu

    If you are new to this research, but lack the stamina or desire for intense study; this book is for you. It’s light, it deals with the basics, and it is easy to read. Hats of to Yah and the vessel He used to make this available.

  8. malcolm patterson

    Very Well Written Critical Thinking.. only people that deny this truth are the ones who have hid us in our own records.. Identity.. lied.. stole.. but This book shows many diffrent sources from biblical to geological how much longer will you keep this lie? the Most High will make the world Speak the Truth on his beloved!Gather Your selves together oh Nation Not Desired!!

  9. Carlos Taylor

    They need to start teaching this in school about the truth behind this country.

  10. Anonymous

    Excellent writing of the true identity of the so-called negro. The answers were right in our hands all along. The Bible is NOT a Christian book, it’s a history book, our history book. This reversed theology called Christianity today has only kept us enslaved and far from the Most High’s Truth. It all makes sense now. The curses of Deuteronomy 28 explain why we have suffered so much as a people, fatherless homes, poverty, imprisonment, slavery. We need to return to the Father and prepare spiritually before He takes us out of this last captivity. The 400 years is almost up.

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