Cepher 3rd Edition Revision 1 (C3R1) Carrying Case: Cepher: Amazon.com: Books

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10 reviews for Cepher 3rd Edition Revision 1 (C3R1) Carrying Case: Cepher: Amazon.com: Books

  1. CE

    I wouldn’t use it on a daily basis because it is a little tight and could perhaps rip the pages if turned not properly, but is definitely what I would use for travel, or certain occasions when not in the safe reading atmosphere of home.

  2. ginnyheart

    How awesome to have a carrying bag for my Cepher!

  3. Sheila E.

    Always Love any information that will bring me closer to YA. Studing my CEPHER BIBLE.My favorite book in the house. I recommend everyone to purchase the this Bible for thE true word of YA!

  4. j williams

    Great purchase. I gifted this bible to my wife and if you plan on taking it outside of your house, you will need this case. The Bible is pretty big.

  5. Sharon in Arizona

    Perfect fit. Nice cover!

  6. Becky Bird

    I like all the book has to offer.

  7. C BlueSkys

    Works well with the Cepher. Very handy and easy to use.

  8. Stylish

    I’m giving the eth cerpher cover 5 stars because is just so awesome the way it fit perfectly, really satisfied with my purchase. Thank you Blessing, Elizabeth thanks for the lndex Tabs installation and of course to amazon for making it possible to deliver the order all the way from America to Spain thank again.

  9. Charles Michael Hill

    I love the Cepher! Why I bought this book cover, Guesswhat, it is a Cepher book cover!

  10. Neil Anson

    It not only is well made but is perfect for carrying the Bible. I like it very much! πŸ™‚

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