Cepher 3rd Edition 2018 Revision 1 (C3R1) with Pre-installed Index Tabs: 0758763906588: Amazon.com: Books

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10 reviews for Cepher 3rd Edition 2018 Revision 1 (C3R1) with Pre-installed Index Tabs: 0758763906588: Amazon.com: Books

  1. Ann Meyer

    The tabs, larger print, handsome and durable cover combined with the additional books and proper names make this version just fantastic. I would pay more for it.

  2. Midnight Marauder

    The Cepher is a great addition to my library.My only issue is the product condition. The description says that the product is NEW. I unfortunately received one that was clearly used before.The tabs had doq ears on them. The pages looked a bit old.I was expecting a new book.

  3. Diane E

    What can I say? You must experience it yourself. I had no idea that the word “Apocryphal” means “hidden”. Discover what someone was trying to hide from us, in addition to a translation of the Books of the Bible we are used to seeing, that includes the Name of YAHUAH rather than concealing that from us as well. He wants us to call upon His Name!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great book, well made, very happy with it, will take time for me to delve into it. I highly advise not ordering from amazon though, I ordered one with preinstalled tabs and received one with no tabs at all preinstalled or otherwise. The amount of hoops I would have to jump through and the wait time I would have to endure to maybe receive what I ordered outweighed my frustration so I ate the loss and went to the Cepher website and ordered the tabs from there. Do yourself a favor don’t use amazon go to the Cepher website and give them your money. Very pleased with the product, incredibly displeased with amazon.

  5. Tree Highland

    I am a Jewish lady who love this bible, the bas installed and all of its content restored. So impressed. I so hope it will be available soon as I need to purchase another for my hubby. Please, please provide more. And let us all know they are available. I noticed there was not a button to click to let me know when they will be available again πŸ™ So please respond to my post to let me know when i can purchase at least one more. Thank you.

  6. Theodore Culpepper

    Love my Cepher! Its very informative! I would suggest that anyone seeking the truth invest in this book! Halal’u’Yahuah πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ

  7. clarence e wilson

    I like how it uses the real Hebrew names. have not found something I don’t like.I use it in my studies

  8. SweetfaceDodoe

    Got my Cepher in the mail today. I’m really happy about it. Brand new with index tabs already installed. Also came with a little note telling me who installed them.Giant print makes for easy reading. Comes with footnotes too. Light weight. My ESV is heavier.Jumped straight into the book of jubilees and stayed the all day.Overall pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend Eth Cepher.

  9. AngieD

    Large print, tabs are a great help.

  10. Shalom

    I love my ABBA’s Word. I happy to have received it on time.The custom tabs with the gold trimmings make it look regal. Since the books are not arranged like in the traditional Bible, the tabs make easy to turn to find books therein.I suggest one orders the Cepher with custom installed tabs.Over ll it is a great investment for any child of Yahuah.A soft leather cover would have been great but the hard cover is ok.Thank you to Faith for installing my index tabs.Shalom

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