Puriya Tea Tree Oil Balm, Apply to Feet, Between Toes, Groin, Fast-Acting Relief for Itchy, Burning, Stinging Skin Developed in Warm Moist Conditions. Extra Strength Plant-Rich Formula for Athletes: Health & Personal Care

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10 reviews for Puriya Tea Tree Oil Balm, Apply to Feet, Between Toes, Groin, Fast-Acting Relief for Itchy, Burning, Stinging Skin Developed in Warm Moist Conditions. Extra Strength Plant-Rich Formula for Athletes: Health & Personal Care

  1. Amazon Customer

    I Purchase this product March 15, 2017 my little girl picked up this thing that we thought was a ringworm from she was three from a so called elite private preschool and we have tried everything and it would go and come back. So just this year I was so frustrated and I started researching on amazon and I came across this product. I enclosed a picture of my daughter who is now 7 and this is picture I used another fungus treatment that burnt the skin and dried in out. I was fine with that because I knew it would peel like it did before and her hair started to grow. Now my daughter has been bald in the back of her hair from she was 3 because of this condition inwhich looked reminiscent to the mange. Anyway this is so hard because this shattered her confidence. Well in one week I started seeing results and now it’s May 4th 2017 it’s 85% gone and finally her hair has grown back. Thank you thank you!!! this is a miracle creme Please buy this it took long to come but next time rush your order you won’t regret it.

  2. Guy

    I usually don’t wtite reviews, but I have to in this case. I thought this stuff was going to be a rip off because of how expensive it is, but now I realize that it could be priced even higher. I had a really bad skin infection around my anus that would not go away. I was smelly, itch, and moist down there. It was very annoying and I was getting self-conscious about it. This went on for months and doctors were never able to give me anything to make it go away. I was desperate and went on Amazon and paid the $30 for this stuff. I simply applied wonder balm 1-2 times per day, and always after getting out of the shower and air drying in a fan. After a week it wasn’t gone, but I noticed an improvement. Kept applying it and it kept getting better and better. I believe it is completely gone after a month, but I keep applying it just in case the infection is under the surface somewhere. Sorry if this was gross, but I am so grateful to have used this product. The best part is that it is all-natural and I know it’s not going to cause harm to my body. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Keri Haines

    I must first congratulate the person who reviewed having an itchy anus, you have saved me!! Not a subject easy to talk about and fed up of buying numerous creams, wipes over the counter, which help, but dont’ solve the problem. Yes been to the doctors who prescribed a cream which also didn’t help.My first few days i applied and did not notice a difference, so thought it was just another ointment that doesnt work on me but I persisted and after 7 days what a difference!!So if any one of you have been going through months of discomfort especially at nighttime please give this a go. It has helped me. I am not itching until I bleed and can have a peaceful night. Don’t give up on it keep going and you will notice a difference its not an overnight cure remedy.

  4. catlady

    I am diabetic and am prone to fungal infections on my skin in summer. I bought this cream hoping it would be better than what I was using.i had a stubborn patch of very red burning yeast I could not get relief for. Iā€™m glad to say one application did the trick. It is well worth the money will buy again.

  5. Jan M

    I don’t very often give product reviews, but this time I’m going to make an exception.Years ago I had an abdominal hysterectomy. Since then, I’ve gained some weight and have a serious case of “done lap” – my belly is lapping over the hysterectomy scar. For several years I’ve had an issue with a yeast infection in that particularly sensitive area and have tried all sorts of things to relive the itch and burning – cortisone, hydrocortisone, antifungals [all three in OTC and by prescription], Desitin, zinc oxide, tea tree oil, and on. Nothing has helped.I started using the Puriya ointment which, by the way, really stinks! Within a couple of days, the redness had diminished and the itching andburning had all but stopped. The redness of my scar comes and goes, but I’m much more comfortable and the skin irritation on both sides of the scar is gone. I’ve gotten used to the odor, it’s not offensive, just strong.Guaranteed – when this jar gets low, I’ll be ordering more. Thank you!

  6. Butterfly

    I have dealt with tinea corporis (fungis) for many years and didn’t even realize what was happening on my skin. I thought it was a simple rash and it would go away fairly quickly, which it did. I had no inkling as to how unforgiving your skin could be even though I took care of my skin, clean and moisturized, very little sun exposure.But as time went on (12 years from first minor outbreak) the flare ups got steadily worse. The most recent flare up started in late January and I’m still healing. I had gone thru 4 rounds of antibiotics (with 3 very strong and different antibiotics all together at once, plus strong steroids,14 days at a time). Although the meds helped I had run out again and within a few days I could see everything was coming back with a vengeance. It scared the heck out of me. This happened every time I came off the meds. Sometimes it came back in a few days, sometimes a couple or few weeks or months. But it kept coming back! I ordered the Puriya. I was terrified to be put back on traditional meds, the side effects were terrible. I cried, dealt with the excruciating pain and told myself that the Puriya was coming in the next day and to wait. Boy am I glad that I waited.The Puriya literally saved me from yet another round of powerful drugs. I started using it on Monday and was amazed at the healing power that the Puriya had provided by the next morning!! And every day I continued to see more healing. I could literally hear this pop fizzy sound emanating from my neck. It freaked me out but it also told me it was killing the fungus. I was jumping out of bed with excitement every day so I could take a peek at the progress. It didn’t let me down. It also helps to pull the fungus out along with soothing your skin. No trips to the doctors!!If your dealing with fungus you have figured out by now that it is very difficult to get rid of. Having learned a lot more than I probably wanted to know about fungus at this point, you should be aware that fungis is cyclical. Stress, sun, lack of sleep,and bad diet are major eruption factors. It takes an arsenal of products to heal, (do be sure to do a cleansing, black walnut wormwood is very effective). Your diet is a major contributor to keeping fungus alive in your body. Fungus feeds on your food so be sure to omit anything processed along with a sugar free (including honey), carb and grain free diet. I decided to go on the Paleo diet to starve the fungus. You have to starve fungus to kill it and pretty much everything we eat feeds the fungus. It really limits what you eat but the payoff will be priceless. Once the fungus is completely gone you can slowly start to add more fun food to your diet again.Along with diet, red apple cider vinegar (organic) and my number one go to, Puriya, I am healing. The Herxheimer reaction has not been fun but the Puriya really helps with the unpleasant reactions. This product is truly amazing! I had tried many things but Puriya really delivers with the healing process. Remember that you have to be very patient and kind to your body while ridding yourself of fungus. It’s been a long process but with the Puriya I have found a really awesome product that truly works. I am astonished at how much it helps. A little goes a long way. Rub it in as well as you can as it warms up and covers more area. Dont let the size of the jar fool you, it lasts.The first photo is the outbreak just a day before I started the last round of antibiotics (mid May). Yes its gross, but it is amazing what the cameras eye picked up. I had no idea you could be green under your skin like that, much less fungus oozing out. Yup it was beyond bad. Sorry to gross you out, but I wanted to show proof of how good Puriya really is. The second pic is the day before I started using the Puriya. Yes, it was coming back after a few days of no meds and was surely going to be even worse this time. And finally today’s picture. You can see that major healing has been accomplished. It’s been about 6 weeks. Almost no green under my skin and the sores have healed. I still have a ways to go but with the Puriya by my side I do believe I will win this extremely difficult battle.Be good to yourself if you have fungus. Be patient and be sure to have Puriya in your arsenal of defense This stuff is super hero quality. You won’t be disappointed. It kept me from going back to the doctors (6th time in 4 months!). I’m so grateful that this product is out there. Dont be without it. I will always have a jar in my medicine cabinet and I’m throwing out all the stuff that really never worked. And it works to heal so many other skin issues too.More over no more trips to the doctors. Although they helped they only managed to put a bandaid on fungus. They treat the symptoms but not the cause. You have to rid yourself of it or it will always come back!! It’s there but the human eye doesn’t see what’s lurking under your skin. If your dealing with an outbreak take a pic in very bright light, try some different angles. You may be as shocked as I was when I saw my skin was so green underneath. I had no idea that my body was consumed with fungus, head to toe basically. At least 50% of the US population has fungus and its numbers are growing. It is very contagious. You can get it from hugging a person that is a carrier and has an active flare up, pets/animals and contact of a surface. Fungus finds way to thrive. Makes me wonder who I should hug now!! I love to hug! I am also giving my son a jar since he has some eczema patches on his upper arm. He’s young and thinks it’s no big deal. But those who suffer know better. He’s home in August. I will post an update after he uses the Puriya and post his results. I anticipate that his skin will definitely improve. I tell everyone about this product!!Also, the customer service is incredibly exceptional. They follow up and guide you on use of their product. I have to be honest, being so desperate, I did apply the Puriya directly to my open skin, which was not recommended. It was a risk that really paid off. It felt so good and relief was immediate upon applying it. Being an organic product helped to sway me to try it on the sores.They really do care about people and their healing. A rare breed. Thank you Puriya. Job very well done, incredible product!

  7. TapiaPerez

    I almost feel like crying from writing this and I’ve only been using it for two weeks! I’ve struggled for YEARS with dry peeling of my feet. I used every lotion under the sun, vaseline, mary kay stuff, antifungal creams from walmart, even got some weird cream from the doctor and no results ever. I hated my feet because of this they never looked nice and soft regardless of pedicures. It all started when using my dance shoes for so long and I couldn’t understand how to get rid of it. This cream I applied at the soles of my feet and between toes and on top of some of my bad nails. In just these two weeks I’m no longer struggling with the roughness of them and almost all the peeling is gone! I literally just take small little scoop of it twice a day morning and after a shower. It’s soooo worth the price. I kept debating using but saw so many great reviews and even tho the price is pricey I had to order it and I’m so glad I did. Wish I’d taken before and after pictures..

  8. Jessica B

    I picked up a case of stubborn ringworm from an animal shelter where I volunteer. I literally used OTC creams for over 4 weeks with little results, and it kept spreading. Nightmare! I was getting desperate and turned to Amazon (of course). Within just a few days of using this balm 3x/day I noticed great improvement in my ringworm. It stopped itching as much, stopped spreading, and my skin felt better. The downside? This tiny jar doesn’t last long when you have ringworm on four limbs and need to apply it multiple times a day for a few weeks. So let me let you in on a little secret. Tea Tree Therapy is the EXACT SAME THING sold for a fraction of the price. Compare the ingredients and you’ll see. I switched from this to the cheaper stuff and the results are the same. I bought a two pack since you need to continue to treat ringworm for 1-2 weeks after you think it’s gone.Tea Tree Oil Ointment 2 Ounces (2-Pack)Bottom line, this stuff was a LIFESAVER for me. I don’t know what I would do without it. And it seems to come in handy for general skin rashes/itchy skin, so I’ll probably keep some on hand.

  9. Jayden

    I buy a lot of stuff on amazon but never write reviews except this time. Listen this stuff really works. I am a physician and have been treating jock itch on myself for over 4 years. I have been rotating between lamasil (terbinafine), lotrimin (Clotrimazole), and tinactin (Tolnaftate) with limited success. I have been very compliant with putting the medication on 2 times a day. My jock itch never went away and I was hesitant to try systemic (oral) antifungals because of the possible side effects. This has definitely improved my skin within a couple weeks. This stuff is expensive but it works.

  10. Darrell V Lunsford

    I had tried using Lotrimin Ultra for 4 weeks on my Willie for my jock itch with no results. I went to a doctor and showed him my willie and he told me to try a different brand. Instead of using the cheap over the counter stuff I ordered this product. The flaking and rash was gone in 1.5 weeks. I put the product on for another couple of days just to make sure. I was afraid to date for almost two months as I was afraid to show off my willie. Now I’ll show him off to anybody who will look at him.

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