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10 reviews for : Prince of Peace Ginger Candy 4 oz. (Pack of 2) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Ashes

    I have to take pain medicine that can upset my stomach. I didn’t want to have to take anti nausea meds or gulp down loads of ginger tea with added sugar. Found these bad boys and I can’t get enough of them. There’s only about four or five ingredients, all natural, and one or two pieces is enough to soothe my tummy. They do have a bit of heat to them after a couple bites, doesnt bother me but a few of my friends are lightweights so if you have goofy friends like mine that don’t know ginger has heat, let them know before you give em one.

  2. Noelle Wilcoxson

    I highly recommend for pregnant woman. I had terrible morning (really all day) sickness and this was the best ginger I found for relief. Ginger ale and tea weren’t doing it and this was a lifesaver.

  3. McKenzie S.

    I have been waiting to find the perfect ginger chew, now no more waiting! They’re so good! Perfect amount of chew and perfect spicyness. Only problem is sometime the ginger chew can be a little hard to get out of the packaging because it’s so sticky but it does have stuff on the outside to try and prevent that, and it’s not like they’re a huge mess, it can just use some finessing to get them out sometimes.

  4. Ember Blue

    Works great for on-the-go. I have a sensitive stomach that gets upset easily, so I always have some of these candies in my purse. I usually drink the instant tea crystals, but when that is not convenient I chew the candy instead. The powder on the outside helps the candy to not stick to the wrapper, but some time it is still a sticky mess trying to free it from the wrapper. I can suck on these or chew on them, depending on how long I want it to last in my mouth. Sometimes the ginger burns my mouth a little. But I love the flavor and it does wonders for calming my stomach.

  5. Erica S.

    I only wish I would have ordered these sooner. I have extremely painful headaches after having gamma knife surgery for an AVM in my brain. The headaches come with severe nausea. I used two chews and within 5-10 minutes the nausea was gone, truly amazing. There isn’t much flavor but a little bit of a spicy kick, but in a good way. I highly recommend them. I have already placed a larger order and plan to always have them on hand.

  6. Beth

    I bought these because I get dizzy a lot and they help so much! When I first got them I didn’t like the spicy taste, but after eating a few I actually like the flavor. They’re really chewy and I like that they only use 3 ingredients to make them.

  7. SpendsAlot

    I can’t stop eating these! I love their ginger and honey “tea” packets but the chews are addictive. I agree that eating these like hard candy works better than eating them like gummy bears but they are by far my favorite candy to have around. Love how they start out sweet then you get the warmth of the ginger! Perfect balance! I also am thrilled they are individually wrapped. We need larger bags!

  8. Landon Yarborough

    These rock. I get car sick easily and I got these before a trip to Peru where I would be riding a public bus for about 3 hours per day. When I felt nausea, I popped one of those babies and I felt much better within minutes. The ginger flavor is pleasant and natural tasting. They are very strong though- not sure if “spicy” is the right word here, but they were kind of spicy.

  9. Seajess

    I bought these from a pharmacy near where I was working and I could not find them anywhere after the pharmacy stopped stocking them. I searched everywhere. I’m so happy to have found them on Amazon. These gummy little candies can be chewed, sucked on or dissolved in hot water to make a tea. Each way, they give that wonderful ginger taste and help to soothe upset stomach and nausea… at least for me.

  10. D. Willard

    These ginger candies are powerful with ginger and I love that about them! They are chewy too and sometimes i chew them and sometimes I prefer to just hold them in my mouth and let them melt. I will order again.

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