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10 reviews for : Prince of Peace 100% Natural Ginger Candy, 3 PAK – 3 X 4.4oz (3 x 125g) : Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Honey🍯

    This candy is exactly as I hoped it would be.Be aware that it is not a hard candy, but rather a chewy candy, not too hard or soft, but with just the right amount of “give” when chewing.The pieces are individually wrapped, and are quite small, which suits me fine.Each piece is coated with tapioca starch, which is without taste, but adds to the pleasant initial mouthfeel.The flavor is sweet, a little bit hot, and gingery: very much what you want in ginger candy.These come in three bags, each weighing 4.4 ounces.In addition to being a sweet little treat, these candies can help with minor tummy upsets and mild nausea.

  2. Alisha

    These are DELICIOUS!! and just a little softer than most of the others on the market. Ginger is one of the most amazing spices and has numerous healing properties. This is a very clean simple candy without any artificial ingredients and REAL sugar, but the best thing is they can help calm down an overactive stomach!! Grab one of these before you go for your typical antacid (full of chemicals) and see if it helps. Its a wonderful sweet, warm (tastes like a spicy sweet General Tso flavor) treat that can also help with general digestion!

  3. bn741950

    I received the Ginger Chews instead of the Hard Candy, but I’m not really complaining after trying them. I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy & bought these for Morning Sickness/Horrible Nausea. These Ginger Chews have been a huge help. They really do relieve my Morning Sickness/Nausea. I wish My Aunt had told me about these sooner. They have a white coating on them which is Tapioca Starch, I think it’s to prevent them from sticking to the wrapper. Which is perfect! I’m glad I bought the 3-pack. I keep one pack in our room beside our bed, one pack in the living room beside the couch & one pack in My Son’s room. So very convenient to have within arm’s reach at all times. I also use these for upset stomach. My preteen enjoys them even though he says they’re a bit spicy. I think they’re just the right amount of flavor. If you like Ginger, you’ll enjoy these. I hope this review will help someone out. I know they aren’t for everyone. My Fiance doesn’t like them, but Me & My Son do. So two out of three of us enjoy them.

  4. honeysmother

    A friend on FB was complaining about her upset tummy and a mutual friend chimed in and said that she should invest in some 100% natural ginger candy… that it had worked well for her for upset/nauseous tummy, bloating after meals, and indigestion, etc. She travels a lot and claimed she never left home without it. Well… that sounded almost too good to be true… but, considering the fact that I do have my fair share of tummy issues, I thought I’d give it a try… I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the effects of this candy… first, it tastes good… I let it just slowly dissolve and you get that little bite ginger has at the end. I’ve used it for bloating after meals, and general uneasiness thus far and it really helped! I used to take “Pearls” but, I’ve switched to these.. in fact, I upped the ante and have bought a 5-pack to make sure I don’t run out.

  5. Theresa M.

    I know Tumeric and Ginger are well known for anti-inflammation and pain, but Tumeric is not wise if you have gallbladder issues, BUT this pure ginger candy is safe for me and really really helps! I can not take NSAIDS because I have ulcerative colitis, but my joint pain was so bad with my arthritis and Tylenol is not recommended every day for long term due to serious liver damage at 3,000 mg per day – thats just 6 extra strength tylenol and you must add up any and all other sources like sinus or flu meds that have Tylenol. Plus even within allowed dose it is NOT for long term long term use. But Arthritis is a long term problem and very painful ( Ankylosing Spondylitis) :-(…. but since I tried this candy as an alternative to traditional meds , IT WORKS FOR ME! Ginger capsules are more processed and the geletain capsules have potential to trap in irritated diverticulosis and colitis areas, ) I was thrilled when this actually worked for my pain! I use 3 candies per day when I am really bad but have noticed that just 1 or 2 candies ( breakfast-lunch or snack or dinner) work as well and sometimes I am so pain free and forget!!! I can now turn in my bed without pain waking me and get up and walk across the room without limping now! And no more tylenol or seeking Ibuprofen what is really bad for Ulcerative Colitis! Prince of Peace, GIVES me PEACE! ( Great Name)

  6. marge j cornelius

    These work fantastic!!! Any kind of stomach issue- acid reflux-heartburn motion sickness and even a sore throat. Soon as i used one i felt better. Wish i had known about this stuff years ago. Love love love these chews! If you can get past the “bite” theyre faster and healthier and more efficient than any OTC you could buy. Id give 10 stars if i could

  7. HJP

    I found these by accident at Vitamin Shoppe and snatched them up. I liked that you could buy 3 bags at a time on Amazon so will stick with getting them here unless the price skyrockets. I had been buying another ginger candy for years but have been repeatedly frustrated lately with the candy sticking to the foil so I could not get to it and then it was hard as a rock. I have had several bags of this brands ginger candy in the last month and been more than pleased with it so far. It has a strong ginger taste but not too strong and all the pieces are easy to get to plus they are really soft. I am a convert and plan to stick with this brand now.

  8. Christine Filipski

    This ginger candy is my new addiction! The reviews said it was very strong so I was worried that I wouldn’t like it. It is spicy but not at all in an overpowering way. This has become my after-dinner treat and since I have chronic digestive issues, it is a good substitute for a dessert which would have more sugar. I also took them on a road trip through the mountains and they helped settle my stomach when I was feeling motion sick.

  9. Mimi

    These ginger candies are so good!! Chewy, but not too sticky, and with just the right amount of ginger flavor. I am obsessed with ginger yet buy packs of these every month and even have some friends who can’t stand the taste of ginger, yet like these for some reason. Either way, look no further as these ginger candies are the way to go.

  10. victoria taylor

    i love these all natural ginger chews so much. perfect amount of spice and chew. people are reviewing this low because of the taste. its Ginger , and is supposed to have a kick. I love that it contains no soy and is all natural. I ate these while i was pregnant , and I continue to eat them now . Im currently exclusivly breastfeeding my 3 month son, and I love that it doesnt have extra junk to tranfer to my baby.

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