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Real Ingredients, Real Flavor.  LonoLife ~ All Natural Veggie Broth Snack

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Fast, fulfilling, and delicious vegetable broth that’s great for vegan and vegetarian diets, soothing cold symptoms, refueling at the office, or snacking while backpacking.

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Ideal for those following low-carb diets, LonoLife Veggie Broth is a fast and fulfilling snack for anyone crunched for time — whether you are at home, at the office, in a college dorm, or on the road. Vegan and vegetarian, LonoLife Veggie Broth is made from a cornucopia of fresh vegetables seasoned with a flavorful blend of savory spices, and full, earthy flavor.

  1. Gluten free
  2. Sugar free
  3. Dairy free
  4. MSG free

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LonoLife was born out of a bold, beautiful belief that life is a celebration to be embraced.

Show us how you’re living the LonoLife!

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Chicken Broth, Cream of Mushroom, Vegetable Broth

10 reviews for : LonoLife Veggie Broth Snack, Single Serve Cups, 10 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Christina W

    These are tasty and convenient. I used to buy the cartons of bone broth, but often have to throw out unfinished cartons. Although a bit pricey, these are a more more cost effective option for me. Great for keeping in my desk at work as well for busy days. I really like the taste of them as well.

  2. Victoria Smith

    I am so pleasantly surprised with this broth. I have a serious digestive issue and this has become such a help to me. I can have a nice cup of this and it comforts my stomach, or as a respite from a stressful day. So fast and restorative. I would call it a “ heavy broth.” Of course you can’t get a thick soup from a coffee pod machine but these do a good job of giving you some substance.I’ve ordered the Thai bone broth one as well and I love it. Thank you Lono Life

  3. Micky

    I liked the flavor. Didn’t think I would after all the bone broth reviews. I followed the 8 oz. On my Keurig and it came out perfect. I’ve ordered the chicken on a subscription. If you’re not feeling well, this will be so great. So easy if you’re by yourself.

  4. Mia E

    I’ve been hearing so many good things about this product, So i decided to give it a try!!! At first, i wasn’t too keen on the price..but, given how healthy it is, and you can’t find it in stores, i got over it. lolLet me be honest though, it doesn’t smell good…at all…but, the taste isn’t bad. I’ve had it twice now, so i’ve gotten used to the smell and the taste. It filled me up. And i plan on ordering again and will try the vegetable flavor.

  5. Rachael Marini

    I’m so happy with this purchase. They made bone broth SO convenient without sacrificing taste or quality ingredients. Also, I reached out to customer service for information on the product and they were super responsive and very helpful. This is definitely a brand worth supporting and I intend to be a frequent customer.

  6. Ashley Hedrick

    I bought all the flavors. Really good for after a workout or even before. Also a plus for those who are trying to eat less carbs and fats but have more protein. I think all of them taste wonderful. Of course the veggie and chicke are snacks so if anything stick with the 10g of protein.I don’t like to eat real heavy throughout the day because I get really tired if I do. So these are great for in the morning with a cup of almonds

  7. all4ofusgreen

    WOW! this is really good, exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a low calorie soup, that I could sip on in the afternoon. This one is super tasty, not at all watery, good flavor, I am surprised by the flavor and fullness of the soup for such low calories! 5 calories and it’s really really good. You get 10 – so I have been going through about 1-2 per day enough that I have signed up for subscribe and save- they are that good! check them out, try them, I am a vegetarian so I can only try the veggie and mushroom – but really like them. I think I will throw a few in my suitcase when I travel, most hotel rooms now have a Keurig machine and it would be a nice snack when I don’t want to order a heavy meal but have something warm when I get in – just like home…

  8. joy

    The broth is fine on its own. However, my favorite ways to use it are: 1) as the liquid in which to cook rice, and 2) as a soup stock, adding veggies and anything else that is handy.

  9. Angela

    LonoLife broth is delicious and a easy way to add extra protein to my diet. Pop a k-cup of LonoLife in the machine and in less than a minute I have a quick, tasty pick-me-up. I’ve found that the extra protein makes a big difference in my day too. LonoLife is a great product and I highly recommend it. The only thing you should watch is the sodium content but it is no more than regular bouillon.

  10. M. Griswold

    I bought after a recommendation from a another person and I have to agree I love this broth Now when I get a bad cold I have this chicken broth to sip on and I know I will feel better. and I added it to my pot of black eye peas yesterday and the flavor was perfect.

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