: HiBee-Golden Cactus Honey Powder 16oz X 5 Ea : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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8 reviews for : HiBee-Golden Cactus Honey Powder 16oz X 5 Ea : Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Cory Johnson

    Great product for the price. The granules are a little bigger than I expected, but I poured it into my coffee grinder to remedy that. Really great!


    I loved everything about HiBee-Golden Cactus Honey Powder! I use it daily in my husbands morning coffee as a natural white sugar substitute. He loves honey in his coffee, but using regular honey has it’s down sides economically. In order to get the best price on honey you have to purchase a very large quantity. And we just don’t seem to use it up fast enough before the honey hardens and crystalizes, making it difficult to use. The extra time involved to boil water to soak the honey bottle in is not worth it, since we use such a small amount at a time, and it re-crystalizes shortly after being heated.Coffee as it should be! With delicious, dependable sweet honey every morning! And at such a great price! It stores in its zipper lock package nice and snug and never clumps or gets sticky. What a great convenience! We will be using HiBee-Golden Cactus Honey Powder for a long time to come and plan on regular purchases.And who knows, I might even find other uses for this delightful product in the future! Can’t wait to try it in cooking and baking!

  3. Kathy B.

    My husband loves using this in his coffee. Very tasty and great price!

  4. Young J. Lee


  5. chemess

    I love this stuff! It dissolves easily and tastes great. I wouldn’t buy any other brand!

  6. Kyunghee W Kim

    Seet. Better than sugar.

  7. Harlan R Russell III

    Great for honey ham

  8. Travieso

    Great flavor that mixes well in hot beverages without having to use an excessive amount. Getting a 5-pack at this price was a bargain as well.My only criticism is why would you call your product Cactus Honey Powder then out a disclaimer on the bag stating: THE HONEY DOES NOT NECESSARILY COME FROM CACTUS FLOWERS?Just a tad misleading.Good product otherwise.

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