Headwraps for women Turbans Long Stretch Head wrap Scarf by The Urban Turbanista – CORAL: Clothing

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70" x 32"


Black, Black/Olive 2 Pack, Black/White 2 Pack, Camel, Charcoal/Coral 2 Pack, Chocolate Brown, Cobalt, Coral Pink, Crimson, Denim Bleu, Dusty Rose, Heather Grey, Raisin, Royal Purple, Sheer White, Teal, Vibrant Pink

10 reviews for Headwraps for women Turbans Long Stretch Head wrap Scarf by The Urban Turbanista – CORAL: Clothing

  1. Jessica McCormick

    Fit as expected. Great stretch and wraps nicely. I love it. I wish it was just a tad bit thicker.

  2. Candi_Girl

    I am absolutely impressed with his headwrap! I ordered the black headwrap and I couldn’t be more happy. I have bought other black headwraps and it just never worked out. They were either not big enough, or too stretchy, or too slippery where it keeps coming unraveled. But this one is perfect. Just the right length and has the right amount of stretch and hold. I was so surprised to got so many compliments on just a plain black headwrap. It is my go to head piece when I just want to tuck my hair away and still be fly. I will be ordering more.

  3. tina myers

    I loved it. I will be ordering more colors. I am transitioning to natural and this was perfect while wearing my protective style. The material is soft and a little stretchy which helps me manipulate it into different styles. I highly recommend!

  4. Pranee

    I love this. Love it. It’s long, and stretchy. And PLAIN. I can’t wear a boldly patterned or sometimes even a solid colored head scarf with school or work. It depends on my professor. It’s also a personal preference at times, just wanting to wear a simple color like black. I have dreads that have partially locked but they also look crazy as they frizz up between washes and I like to cover it with this. New to the head wrap world I need the stretch this provides-I don’t know how to do fashionista head wraps yet this is purely functional for me. I wear it to workout because unlike the shorter satin scarves I have gotten from say Walmart this stays on very well.

  5. Ms. DeMure

    This wrap/scarf is really the BEST. It has adequate length and width with great stretch which allows it to be manipulated into many styles. I simply love it! I only wish ones with designs and patterns can be made.

  6. AjoyFullNoize

    This was my first time attempting to wear a wrap of this nature and I am extremely pleased with my decision to purchase this product. I’ve already received a second one. I chose the black because I felt I couldn’t go wrong with the color. Being inexperienced with the whole prospect I was a little leary as to if I could pull it off. Luckily there are many tutorials on YouTube that gave me the confidence I needed. I’ve already received my second wrap because I absolutely LOVED everything about this experience!! I love my people and our culture!

  7. Sunstressed

    Ok, I do not typically wear hats, head wraps, anything in my head, but due to my recently becoming the victim of a hair coloring debacle, I purchased 2 of these wraps (black and beige) to camouflage this eye-assaulting color. (It was either cover it or stay indoors for a month lol).As annoyed as I am about having to camouflage my hair for the next few weeks (until I can get the color corrected), I’m equally as pleased with these wraps! They are soft, comfy and super stylish. My go-to style is the top knot – so easy, so fast, so cute! I’ve gotten many compliments and have even been told I look “exotic” wearing it. Lol. They’re a great solution to my temporary problem. I’ll probably even wear them after I change my hair color. Very happy with my purchase!

  8. boogie

    this material is super lightweight and clings to itself in a great way to maintain whatever wrap you do. So far it hasn’t feathered in any way so that’s a relief. I looked on pinterest and found a ton of ideas. Love that the fabric is super flexible and i didn’t need to pin it

  9. Sister Paula

    This wrap is everything I expected. I love the jersey stretch material. I am wearing my hair in its natural state and was looking for a head wrap to enhanced my natural hair and to cover my hair on “bad hair” days. I am looking forward to adding colored head wraps to my this one. Thank you, Turbanista. – Paula M.

  10. Sinfunni

    I love this wrap. The color has a muted vibrancy. It’s versatile thanks to the length and width of the jersey knit type material. It’s comfortable thanks to the stretchy soft material. The thinness of the material makes it perfect for spring and fall temperatures and winters if you layer it with another wrap. I ordered more colors plus another pink so I can have a spare. Great as a protective styling alternative and to protect hair permed hair from the rain as well as a cover when deep conditioning and you need to make a run outdoors. The price is fair. I ordered more colors plus another pink so I can have a spare.

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