A Wise Woman Builds Her House

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About the Author

Huldah is of Malagasy Hebrew descendant. It is the oral tradition of her family that they were taken from Madagascar on a Dutch slave ship to Holland. It was from Holland that her family made it to North Carolina. Huldah is a college graduate and an Educator. She currently lives in California. She is Married to the love of her life, and they have two beautiful daughters. Her passion and focus is the liberation of women and children through the truth of their rich cultural heritage.

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10 reviews for A Wise Woman Builds Her House

  1. Briony

    Great Hebrew word study book. This is good for going deeper into Hebraic meanings of words and is an example of how to further do research on deciphering other words in this Hebraic context. It’s not exhaustive but a great starting point and sets an example and standard. We use it in our home to do family building, and also in my personal study, it’s a great source to refer to. We have grown so much more meaning and purpose for these words we use in our daily life and have been able to now put action to them. I Highly recommend this book for further biblical understanding, building up, edifying and encouraging wise women to put action and meaning behind their words!

  2. Kia

    Great addition to add to your book collection . Very helpful in explaining Hebrew

  3. Drieka

    Todah Achoti Huldah for your obedience to do the Work of Yah! You’re an inspiration to so many woman who have come into the truth as I have and having a toolSuch as A Wise Woman Builds Her House allows us to gain a working knowledge of our roles within the true purpose of the lives we live. I shall forever extend my upmost respect and gratitude through Yah unto you. Iron sharpens Iron and you are one sharp vessel. Shalom

  4. פנינה

    A great way to get your “feet wet” with learning Hebrew! The way Huldah explains the concrete is simple enough to grasp even for the most troubled mind. This will be an often staple in my go-to’s. Every time I re-read a paragraph or sentence, I get a better understanding! The author also has a YouTube channel to aid in furthering an understanding!

  5. Amazon Customer

    The writer of this book is truly God sent. She is insightful beyond her years and still remains a student of Kingdom life.

  6. Kindle Customer

    This book is a wonderful study tool for anyone wanting to search things out for themselves. Wonderful work and it has challenged me to not settle in my study. Every woman who wants to KNOW what scripture actually is saying NEEDS to buy this book.

  7. Amazon Customer

    At your fingertips hebriac definitions of powerhouse words for women as well as giving the confidence to do a word study from a Hebraic view.

  8. Alicia G

    I just received my copy. What I’ve read so far is great. I’m trying to learn Hebrew at the same time so I can come to greater understanding of scriptures and with reading this book. I’ll leave another review as I go along.

  9. ZiYahnaOna

    This is a wonderful book and I would recommend it to all the ladies out there holding it down like a woman..

  10. Cloud

    Excellent study aid! Really assists the reader in making the connections between Hebrew words.

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