5-Panel Canvas Wall Art: Yahuah of Hosts


Now available in four colors: blue-green, brown-tan, and purple. This 5-panel canvas art boldly declares the Father’s Name along with the inscription, “Yahuah of Hosts” at the bottom with Yahuah written in Ancient Paleo Hebrew Script.



Due to popular request, this is one of the many multi-panel split canvas designs will be available very soon. It features the Father’s Name, “Yahuah” at the top, and then at the bottom uses the title, “Yahuah of Hosts,” which is used over 200 times in the KJV version of the bible (see H3068 and H6635). For example, Psalm 46:11 says, “Yahuah of hosts is with us; the Elohim of Yacob is our refuge. Selah.” The title on the bottom prints the Father’s Name in Paleo Hebrew script.

Each canvas piece is meticulously created in-house and stretched, ensuring the best quality results. It arrives ready to hang right out of the box! This is a wonderful way to highlight the Creator in your home. They make incredible gifts also!

Thank you for your patience & prayers while we work to get this product in stock for you as soon as possible. Todah rabah!

These are custom-made-to-order pieces. Creating your custom canvas, framing it, and delivering it can take a total of 10-15 business days; however, it is usually a bit quicker than that!

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Blue-Green-Yellow, Brown-Tan-Yellow, Purple


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