Pre-Registration OPEN for TM’sMelchizedek-Minded ID Sukkot Campmeeting 2023

Pre-Registration OPEN for TM’sMelchizedek-Minded ID Sukkot Campmeeting 2023

Idaho Sukkot Campmeeting 2023 hosted by Teshuvah Ministries. Reserve your spot for a fun, packed-with-goodness and well organized Sukkot ID!
Idaho Sukkot Campmeeting 2023 is OPEN – taking Pre-Reservations NOW!
Feast of Tabernacles • Mo’edim • YHVH’s Royal Appointment – TM style!By pre-registering today you are simply telling us that you are truly planning on spending Sukkot with us in 2023.

We don’t know the specific date for Sukkot yet, but we will after the Head of the Year (Rosh ha’Shanah) in the Spring of 2023. But for now, you MUST hold your spot, as spaces (cabins) are limited. The final registration form with the dates and full cost (somewhere around $425 for each adult) will be sent out to all pre-registered attendees during the Spring of 2023 to finalize and confirm their registration. Today’s pre-registration fee (a non-refundable $10 each) will apply toward your registration.

Early Bird Discount! – Pre-registering today will give you access to an “Early Bird Discount” and other good things!

Follow these 4 steps:
1) Pre-Register today to hold your spot ($10/person including children and babies. This is non-refundable).

2) In early Spring of 2023 you will be sent (via em

ail) the registration link with the dates.

3) Register and pay after you get our email in the Spring of 2023 (your pre-registration fee will be applied toward your balance).

4) Travel and meet us for a beautiful Sukkot Campmeeting experience in Idaho!

Plan NOW to join us for a fun, packed-with-goodness, rabbinic-free, and well-organized Sukkot Campmeeting in 2023 at Camp Perkins in Stanley, Idaho. Hosted by Melchizedek Teshuvah Ministries. Praise YHVH Elohim!

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