Feast of Tabernacles, 2023

Our vision this year is to see the beautiful Psalm of Ascents, Psalm 122 lived out among us with Shalom (peace) being within each of us, that the times of refreshing and renewal may come from the presence of Yahweh.

At the feast, we always desire to foster an environment of life that comes from love. The love of our Father is displayed in beauty, adventure, praise, and worship in small groups and large, games, laughs and smiles, quiet fireside conversation long into the night, heartfelt sharing, praying, hearing the word, teaching, confessing our sins to a brother and asking for prayer, accountability, loving, being loved and serving.

The Scriptures call these “love feasts” and that’s what we want from His feast. The campground layout is ideally suited for this very thing because we are all camping in one general area.

In a desire to remember and better understand the “wilderness experience” of ancient Israel (Lev. 23:43), we will be again building a full-sized replica of Yahweh’s Tabernacle in the wilderness.

The replica is for the purposes of teaching and memorializing Yahweh’s ways (see Joshua 22:28), not for literal sacrifice or offering. A tour of the Tabernacle will be given, with an explanation of the meaning of how each element has a significant meaning in our own personal walk with Yahweh.

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